Browse Cards A: Since a Ritual Monster is a monster that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, you can add it to your hand with the effect of " Chaos Space " that adds 1 monster from your Deck to your hand.

Or so the story dictates in pretty much every YGO series so far, which will soon reach its 6th installment (not counting alternate, short story arcs like the movies or Yu-Gi-Oh! You can only use each effect of "Chaos Space" once per turn.

Control the chaotic forces of the universe. Sólo puedes usar cada efecto de "Traidor del Caos" una vez por turno. This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 04:41. I am so happy to see chaos support. Special Summons itself from your Graveyard, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight,

May send user into the very chaos it created. Games Movies TV Video. Falls diese Karte als Spezialbeschwörung beschworen wird: Du kannst 1 Karte im Friedhof deines Gegners wählen; verbanne sie. The power to manipulate the chaotic forces of the universe. Se questa carta è nel tuo Cimitero: puoi bandire 1 mostro LUCE e 1 mostro OSCURITÀ dal tuo Cimitero, eccetto "Traditore del Chaos"; Evoca Specialmente questa carta in Posizione di Difesa, ma bandiscila quando lascia il Terreno. Wiki - It's time to Duel! Yugioh Wiki Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.


Chaos Space - Yugipedia - Yu-Gi-Oh!

| ②: 이 카드가 특수 소환에 성공했을 경우, 상대 묘지의 카드 1장을 대상으로 하고 발동할 수 있다.

SUGGESTIONS *ARE* WELCOME! Add Image IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS, INCLUDE THEM AS BULLET-POINTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, UNDERNEATH THE DECKLIST. Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon - Time Tyrant, T*Xyz Hieratic Twilight Overlord of Heliopolis, Number 130: Galaxy-Eyes Great Space Dragon, Twin-Headed Space Solar Dragon/Assault Mode, Number iC130: Cosmos-Eyes Ultimate Dimension Dragoon, Number C130: Quasar-Eyes Titanic Cosmic Dragoon,, Vanity's Emptiness, Rank-Up-Magic.

Purchase Statistics Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Requires Type specific Tuner Synchro Materials, Does not require specific non-Tuner Synchro Materials, Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror, Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend, Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield, Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight,, 1 Syntoniseur de Type Démon + 1 monstre non-Syntoniseur ou plus, 1 Empfänger-Monster vom Typ Unterweltler + 1 oder mehr Nicht-Empfänger-Monster, 1 Tuner di Tipo Demone + 1 o più mostri non-Tuner, 1 Regulador do Tipo Demônio + 1 ou mais monstros não-Reguladores, 1 Cantante de Tipo Demonio + 1 o más monstruos que no sean Cantantes. The Numbershots (jokingly given the kanji "No.shot(ナンバーズショット)" Nanbāzushotto) are a series of stories created by Taylor Gorrell that take place within the Yu-Gi-Oh!

1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Episodes 3.1 Season 1 (2001-2002) 3.2 Season 2 (2002-2003) 3.3 Season 3 (2003-2004) 3.4 Season 4 (2004-2005) 3.5 Season 5 (2005) Yugi Moto is a boy who looks for puzzles. Enerjak (Arhcie's Sonic the Hedgehog) has complete mastery of the Chaos Force. Contact Us | If this card is in your GY: You can banish 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your GY, except "Chaos Betrayer"; Special Summon this card in Defense Position, but banish it when it leaves the field. Lord of Nightmares/L-sama (Slayers) is both the supreme god of the slayers universe as well as the embodiment of Chaos, as such her intentions are to return all things to the sea of chaos in the end. Si esta carta está en tu Cementerio: puedes desterrar 1 monstruo de LUZ y 1 monstruo de OSCURIDAD en tu Cementerio, excepto "Traidor del Caos"; Invoca esta carta de Modo Especial en Posición de Defensa, pero destiérrala cuando deje el Campo. Watchlist Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account?

①: 이 카드가 묘지에 존재할 경우, 자신 묘지에서 "카오스 비트레이어" 이외의 빛 속성과 어둠 속성 몬스터를 1장씩 제외하고 발동할 수 있다. Pherecydes of Syros (fl. Traître du Chaos Si cette carte est dans votre Cimetière : vous pouvez bannir 1 monstre LUMIÈRE et 1 monstre TÉNÈBRES ("Traître du Chaos" exclu) depuis votre Cimetière ; Invoquez Spécialement cette carte en Position de Défense, mais bannissez-la lorsqu'elle quitte le Terrain.

| X - When Darin was little, his mother played with Darin using a Magician of Black Chaos toy. Expand/Collapse All, Change Settings 이 효과로 특수 소환한 이 카드는, 필드에서 벗어났을 경우에 제외된다. 1 Fiend-Type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monstersWhen this card declares an attack: You can switch the current ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters your opponent controls, until the end of the Battle Phase. The Magician of Black Chaos as it appears in fan-fics.

This is my experimental deck.


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