8%. Cuts your time spent buying groceries in half, Saves you a bunch of money in the process, Promotes healthy eating because you already have a stocked kitchen, Makes shopping at the farmer's market for fresh produce easier because you don’t have to buy anything else, Makes buying fresh, local and/or organic food more affordable because you saved money on your dry stock purchases. -$3.00 Instant Coupon (limit 4) Final Price: $5.49. Natures Bakery: Stone Ground, Whole Wheat Fig Bars (32 pack) Serving Size 1 bar | Cal 90 | P 2 | C 17 | F 2.5 If you’re a grab-and-go snack kind of person, or like to nibble on something in between workouts, these fig bars are the bomb. Bake and eat! Each box contains three packets of protein-packed flapjack mix for much cheaper than the grocery store. Here’s how Costco’s price compares to other stores: ShopRite If you enjoy spaghetti marinara on a regular basis, then a 3 pack of large jars won’t disappoint. Yes please. Now it is replaced with Victoria White Linen Marinara sauce, but we don't really like it. Great option if you’re entertaining guests and need some finger food that you know you can track. The links in the post below may be affiliate links. If you’re drinking coffee every day, which many of us are, then buy your creamer in bulk. Classico Organic Pasta Sauce Serving Size 125 g | P 2 | C 12 | F 1 Classic pasta sauce is very popular with the macro tracking community. Take a break from cooking and pop it on the stove! couponDB.dashboard.register(this); ©2020 Working Against Gravity, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers — saving burger night for macro trackers everywhere! Organic Cooked Brown Rice (6 bowls) Serving Size 106 g, half a bowl | Cal 155 | P 4 | C 36 | F 1.5 Need carbs? Kodiak Power Cakes Buttermilk Flapjack and Waffle Mix (3 packs) Serving Size 53 g, about 3 4” pancakes | Cal 190 | P 14 | C 30 | F 2 Kodiak Cake fans, assemble! When you start paying attention to what you’re eating, like tracking macros or planning healthier meals, you probably find that you buy the same items every week.

Living Rich With Coupons® is a registered trademark of Living Rich Media, LLC. Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers (12 burgers) Serving Size 151 g, 1 burger | Cal 200 | P 35 | C 2 | F 6 A big, 151 g burger with 35 g of protein! Hello pre-workout ice cream sandwich! Go Back. Iron. Kirkland Organic Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk (24 cartons) Serving Size 244 ml | Cal 190 | P 9 | F 5 | C 28 Chocolate milk lovers, get your fix! And another thing that I like about that Classico Pasta sauce … Udis Gluten Free Simple Granola (large bag) Serving Size 30 g | Cal 130 | P 3 | C 19 | F 5 Granola can be a calorie catastrophe sometimes. Costco has a great deal on deal on Classico Organic Pasta Sauce now until 1/27. Bertolli Organic Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, 4-count USDA Organic Non GMO. $259.99), Sharp or Toshiba 43″ Smart 4K UHD TV Only $199.99 (Reg. These come in smaller cartons too, so they’ll last even longer. Available at Costco since 2006. Milk Some people go through a ton of milk really fast. Acai Superfruit Bites (24 bites) Serving Size 24 g | Cal 50 | P 0 | C 8 | F 3 If you like ice cream and chocolate, this is a nice, small dessert alternative to keep in the freezer. Enter your email address below and be the first to know when new articles get released from Working Against Gravity. Walmart Costco is a cornucopia of zero calorie beverages, so it’s hard to include them all. She is dedicated to creating amazing content for WAG clients and perfecting the client experience outside of coaching.

Classico Coupons January 2019 – Costco has a great deal on deal on Classico Organic Pasta Sauce now until 1/27. If you continue browsing our website, we’ll assume that you accept the use of cookies. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Alaskan Pollock Burgers (12 burgers) Serving Size 113 g, 1 burger | Cal 120 | P 17 | C 6 | F 3 Fish burgers, anyone? Percentage Amount of Calories Daily. Simply Natural Organic Pasta Sauce …

Don't Edit. New Costco Members-Only Savings 11/23 – 12/24/20, Costco Members: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4″ Wi-Fi Tablet 64GB PLUS Free 64GB MicroSD Card $179.99 Shipped (Reg. Not bad for 15 carbs. Keep these sealed, ready-to-rock eggs in the fridge to grab and go. Fra Diavolo: Solid sauce; for spicy, Seggiano is better. Since prices vary from location to location, we haven’t included any prices on this list.

Jimmy Deal Delights Egg White English Muffin (12 muffins) Serving Size 145 g, 1 muffin | Cal 250 | P 17 | C 28 | F 8 Mobile egg white muffin? Heinz Picnic Packs (4 condiments bottles) Mustard Serving Size 5 g | Cal 0 | P 0 | C 0 | F 0 Sweet Relish Serving Size 15 ml | Cal 20 | P 0 | C 5 | F 0 Ketchup Serving Size 17 g | Cal 20 | P 0 | C 5 | F 0 If you’ve been tracking for a while, then you’re low and calorie free condiment game is probably in the professional league.


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