Bubel’s framers laid string line on the ground next to the pressure-treated 2x4s, which allowed them to see any areas of unevenness. The entryway floor was tile, while the living room was wood. We're homeowners sharing our DIY adventures as we learn to maintain, improve, decorate, and. I don't know how much it cost to fill in the living room floor. Thanks so much! https://www.peoriaconcretecontractor.com/. I have seen two ways to do this wood and concrete. The result will be a beautiful, level floor that will last for many decades. Today I'm talking all about how we raised our sunken living room. Etc.

Please note: We are not sponsored by any of the companies/products that we used. Three important takeaways from HomeAdvisor's 2020 State of Home Spending report, Plus, other ways to keep your phone safe from a job site's extreme weather, Erika Taylor is the director of content for, State of Home Spending: COVID's Effect, Popular Projects, and Surprise Spenders, Going Clear: Making Transparency Work for Your Business, Pro Remodeler Joins Modernize for "Weathering the Off-Season" Webinar, Left Brain Vs. Exterior projects are the most popular option heading into the winter season, but 10% of homeowners are still planning interior projects (with 17% planning both exterior and interior), The once-popular sunken living room gets a modern makeover to one floor level. “This defined the space and made it feel more confined.” An added incentive for changing the home’s footprint came when the homeowner’s mother, who is older, tripped while stepping down into the sunken area. The team is also making the space look more visually cohesive by installing the same hardwood flooring throughout the entire area. Stay tuned :). Vicki will be posting more updates on her home remodel. A construction adhesive and Ramset nails were used to secure the sleepers to the slab. Unfortunately, I did not hold my contractor accountable to give me an accurate accounting of what he was spending--if you ever use a contractor, make him or her specify what is being spent. It is inspirational and a very creative and functional way to share your love for each other! Even though I'm still young, I have family that needs extra attention to tripping hazards, and it's just a good idea to make your house easier for everyone (like your falling guests!) ~Vicki, Vicki we live in southern Florida and it seems that all the homes in our area have a sunken this or that, we are dealing with a boiling alley which was originally was a screen room aka Florida room which is now part of the main house under air, it is sunken about 5 inches and slops slightly I suppose because it was a screen room . The reason my husband and I decided to remodel, and especially fill in the floor, was that we wanted to be able to “age-in-place” in our home. As we all know, aging sometimes comes with physical difficulties, poorer eyesight, etc,  and we felt that a sunken living room was a “hip breaking” accident just waiting to happen! From the pictures you can see the living room is right off the foyer. These products were picked and bought by us. The cost of doing something like this varies greatly depending on where you're located and the scope of work. i don't want to make the rooms claustrophobic.

Despite warning after warning, people visiting our home continued to “fall” into the sunken area! This article helped me a great deal, thank you for posting it. We Like Log in.

I have seen a new way of flooring. We came home to  a gutted kitchen and the removal of the tile. Glad I found this. Like most projects, this one required a little ingenuity. Hope I’m making myself clear I could send a pick, I love all your wonderful ideas, All Small pieces were cut from each sleeper a little at a time using a circular saw, until every section of wood fit tightly against the concrete. Home Tech The fireplace was removed. Vicki, do you mind me asking what the avg cost was to fill in the living room? In this method, one leg of the compass moves down the concrete as the pencil marks the undulations of its surface on the sleeper. Yours may need a little different approach. “The living room seemed smaller than it actually was because it was sunken and had a different floor material,” says Neil Bubel, Traver’s project manager. What height do you recommend from floor to ceiling. “Shims leave gaps in places, and it’s better to have a more solid level of contact all the way across,” he says.

Very similar situation to what is described here.

Actually a rug covers it so it is not an issue. Thanks for posting this. Who even thought of the sunken living room anyway?! As best as I can tell they used a layer of support beams that looked much like studs in a wall. Feb 2, 2018 - sunken living room, raise sunken living room, sunken living room remodel, sunken living room ideas, sunken in living room, sunken living room floor plans. Home Decor Can you tell me how much this method cost? For instance, if your sunken room is 34 inches below the next room: 20/6 = 3.3333. Home Improvement

Great question. This article is really awesome. The mid-century design trend boomed for more than a decade, and today many homes from that period are being remodeled to create contemporary spaces that sit on a single level.


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