I’ve never seen an explanation for this! Margarete. Also Read: How to Change Facebook page Name.

Hi. Should it work? Blog Comment Policy | Disclosure, Copyright, and Affiliate Disclaimer, For me, I was doubtful many people were searching for my FB page on Google.

I’m trying to create a username as well as change my URL. How do I go about doing this? Facebook can be temperamental! I suppose I could add a number to the end of it but this seems weird to have a number for no reason. Ronaldo7.net (Ronaldo 7 Stream) – CR7 Live Stream for Free! And for bloggers, the Facebook group is a great source to drive traffic to the blog. NOTE: Here are the instructions if you need to change your Facebook Page NAME, instead of URL. Please enter a username that isn’t already taken.” But it’s NOT taken?! Best ways of How to grow Facebook group, writing about this.

It is there, near the top, it’s the 3rd line under “General.”. Write some posts related to social networks, drive traffic to manage Facebook groups, and add there your Facebook group. This isn’t a business page, it’s a personal profile. This article is only about FB business accounts, also called “Pages” or “Fan Pages.” Nothing here about personal profiles at all. Can people search on either name and still find the page?

I have more than 200 likes and can’t do it.

Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”). This sounds like a glitch to me. Keep in mind that you must be an admin to create or change the username for a Page. THANK YOU!!! Select Create group in this.

I don’t like how it’s it’s clean and simple anymore. Hello and nice article. Does your page show up when you go to https://www.facebook.com/username?

Thanks, Clare. I’ve never heard of that happening! Its not available on my business page either. This is because I change the name of my website. and start sending website visitors to your Fb group. Or you can contact Facebook directly via the form at this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/164405897002583. You should be able to change a set username one time. I created this group from the beginning and day by day new members get added here. If you lost your name in the process of trying to change it, that’s not right. You also need to create a Facebook group to grow biz, blog traffic and find a new audience. It changes all the time. I think they may be rolling it out gradually to different users and not all at once. It’s up to you, but you may experience the same problem if you start over. I’ve found that sometimes they release previously used names, and sometimes they don’t. Searching on Facebook doesn’t rely on exact match, but popularity as well as matched words are taken into account. A little later, I started a FB page for My Business, and it was given the URL /mybusiness-1723423424542. Cheers Louise, I’d been searching all over! I found this same question asked many times on Facebook, but no answers. I want to change the link name (facebook/username), i have 4 pages, i can see the changing field for 3 pages, but cant see the changing option for a page, why this is happening..?

Plus a video walkthrough of changing your Page and profile URLs. My best to you! I wanted to find out more about what you meant by ” any links to your Page will no longer work”. Is this working only on business type pages for Facebook? Will changing the page name cause us to lose likes? Page Not Found. I get the broken link message.. I’ve reported a problem with fb but to no avail! what would be the reason for receiving this message on fb….. ….this message has been temporarily removed because the senders account requires verification…. I changed my Page Url Once and Now need some Minor changes as some other people are ranking with my same name but my Page have not written Official Anywhere can i Change it with the same method above or not ? or will it always be taken? They should eventually notice regardless. And We all have the list of thousand emails excepting me and send daily/weekly emails to our audience using our mail clients.

I changed the account to my real name, then immediately I was able to change the business page to /mybusiness. I don’t know how to remove these.

Marie, I am so sorry this is happening to you! My FB business name is my first & last name (with an apostrophe s) & the words “Healthy Essentials.” I was wondering if I should use those exact words for the username or change it up to something like, “EssentialsToBeingHealthy.” I guess I just don’t know whether having my full name in a username is ideal or not.

personal page URLs can be changed at http://www.facebook.com/username. You can look up about merging pages though, not sure that’s still an option or what the requirements may be. This is the first time that this has happened , i am on my third business page that i am creating and now it wont let me add it.

FB said it’ll take 14 days to delete. Perhaps it only works with US ISPs? I did see one article claiming that periods between words makes your URL more SEO friendly, as Google likes delimiters between words. After reading your post, I decided to change my FB username back to the original name and then the Page ID was valid again. Follow these 4 steps with screenshots. When i hit on “confirm”, FB said “xyz is taken. I’ve watched so many videos, and all seem to show the option to only edit my personal URL, and not a place to manage/edit the url of the business accounts. Select edit group settings. If I change my FB page name from say YYYY to YYY, will people who have liked my page and follow me still get notifications from my page?

Wondering how to change your Facebook Page URL? It’s working for me. Any Way Nice Post . Thoughts? So all is now good – many thanks. Because Pinterest pin gets more impressive than any other social media post. Hey Jimmy, If someone took your business name, you should contact Facebook. Here you found some of your Growing Facebook group, select new Facebook group. /Linea Sweden, Hi Linea, Yes, I see it’s been changed to say “Update Public Info.” Same thing, silly change . Choose Edit Group Settings. The preferable page url can’t be setup and I really disappointed about. Or, you could purchase a domain name and have it forward to the group URL. Only 16 people on the group, and I don’t care about breaking links because it’s a private group that I only add people to myself. Seeking for you assistance to fix my issue. How to get more members in the Facebook group by 22 effective ways shared with you. Hi. Do you have any thoughts as to how I could get this Google to find my new page name. Growth of a FB group direct belongs to how you perform its marketing. I decided to forgo periods to be more user-friendly. I am getting the same problem! However, when I go to search for my page in Google search bar it directs me to the old pages url. Bonus Tip: Click on ‘Settings’ to the right of ‘Groups’ to get the URL to share the Groups tab (after you link your group or groups to the tab). Facebook has got a feature to link your old FB groups with new Facebook groups. I’m sorry you didn’t find it useful. Louise, thanks for the helpful article, but even more so, thanks for responding to the comments here.

Re Google Search: Make sure you have no restrictions on your Preferred Page Audience. If you’ve linked to your Facebook Fan Page from other social accounts, you’ll need to update those too.

But it’s now saying not available. You’ve probably linked your FB Page in at least one sidebar, header, or footer widget (I had three). I would like to ask a question about page URL.


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