While the fourth is top 5 in his series but Minato is too fast and smart for a savage. But come one, Flash is Flash. It's not even work at that point.

Also all goku has to do is obliterate minato since he can't regen from nothing. Minato Namikaze VS Tobirama Senju - Duration: 19:27. That would NOT be the case with a Shunshin kamehameha. Goku uses instant transmission and Minato uses Flying Thunder God. @urban_ninja_x: hes never officially been announced as the first super saiyan.. the episode was a what if scenario.. a blast can not take someone back in time and him being the Lss is as cannon as Broly being the Lss.

But he can manipulate it's sharpness and density with Ki. @Kirbstomp: Prove Minato rasengan is above city level before saying I have no proof that Goku can tank measly city rasengan. Goku would blitz Minato and explode his face before he even thought about FTG. Especially on a small range, Minato's speed cannot be compared to that of Naruto's.

5 Could Defeat: Sarada Uchiha. I'm actually interested in discussing this with someone as knowledgeable as you.:). Terrible matchup is terrible. I'm just looking for people to discuss this with without bias and fanboysim. While his lightning-based jutsu would have no effect on Killua, his Sharingan and Rinnegan give him many powerful weapons. Minato Namikaze. However, Minato is likely faster than Killua, even in Godspeed mode. It would have been more interesting if you had kept Bardock to his canon level and not gave him SSJ. @criostomp: Super Saiyan Bardock -is- canon. Again, argue with Toriyama. I've never seen him use it fluidly in battle (without pausing to find someone's ki to teleport to). 5 years ago. (2)-Minato has to be fast enough to react to Goku in the first place. …

With her great skill with ninjutsu and her Sharingan, she can give many opponents a scare. And if you think about it, as a child with a power level of MAYBE 100, Goku was moving FTE (faster than eye can see) and barely getting hurt when bullets hit him. But goku's high end is >> minato's high end, and he has several of them on a level minato never reached, spread out in and before saiyan saga. Also, if goku puts all the energy he gets from a kaioken in a punch instead of sending it out, it wouldn't do the same amount of damage? Naruto 2nd man who outrun Raikage's fastest punch, Naruto vs Raikage - Duration: 11 ... 10 Facts About Minato Namikaze You Should Know!!! Because Goku is much, much, much, much faster than Minato and thus would think and react just as fast.

His interest is in how media affects people, but he is also passionate about writing. And by this point in the story Minato could easily take a blunt force hit from Goku.

Kid Goku could easilly dodge lightning, this Goku has recieved multiple upgrades since that point. if minato has his kunai's already set, then he wins.

He can open the eight gates to drastically increase his physical ability. @urban_ninja_x: no father of goku os cannon but not the the movie where he turns ssj isnt!!!! Still have questions?

It takes a few seconds for him to find someone, then *poof*. Oh my mistake, I mistook one fallacy for the other; you wrote that Madara could beat Superman and that Might Guy could strike harder than Superman -- you're wrong as fck on both counts. - Duration: 4:39. He is fast enough.

Whether he was suprised or not is irrelevant, he can take it. And Minato's KCM is the same format as Naruto's in the last. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Masive mismatch, @rickythanos: Goku has tank his own kamekameha, is faster than juubito who blitz minato, and can tank any of Minato attack. Jarod is a graduate from Indiana University Bloomington, with a degree in media science. 2.) And if you want proof that Goku was FTL even before Dragonball Z, remember he apparently outpaced the light of Tien's Solar Flare (I don't see how anyone could argue Solar Flare is anything but light,) and still managed to grab Roshi's sunglasses before anyone knew what happened. Also, remember, that when Minato dodged the attack from the Riakage, that was a LONG time before Minato got his Bijuu amp. It's not even work at that point. And don't forget, this is KCM Minato. He is the main character of the Dragon Ball series. The sword that Yajirobe used was not magical, nor did it possess any mystical properties, etc. No.

Not only is Naruto fast enough to keep up with him, but his destructive power is also immense.

We have repeatedly seen ki attacks being nullified or overpowered physically. -When has Goku tanked a surprise attack from his own Kamehameha (not someone else's that he sees coming)? @saint_of_origin: hed sense more than the signature hed sense the feelings.

Goku is able to instantly teleport himself to any place provided that the place has a strong Ki presence. Killua would be tested against Mitsuki but he would come out on top. He wouldn't see it coming, or even be able to SENSE it coming, since it's his own Ki that he's already firing off/surrounded by (remember, the blast itself is ALSO moving very fast).

I am a huge fan of Naruto Saint. Even if he was, FTL reaction time would NOT be fast enough to dodge a point-blank kamehameha to his blind spot.

Goku isn't downing him with just a physical attack (Due to the cloak's protection). Also goku lost control of his kamekameha once and got hit by it and tank it. Goku is able to instantly teleport himself to any place provided that the place has a strong Ki presence. Killua Zoldyck is the closest friend to Gon Freecs, the protagonist of Hunter X Hunter.

Using Hiraishin seals, he's able to teleport himself anywhere he wishes to within a moment, thereby reducing the distance gap to zero.

6. We aren't talking about the characters, mofo. I guess it's just that it all seems so inconsistent.

http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/naho-ooishi-episode-bardock-introduction/. Killua can't use Godspeed for an unlimited amount of time so Gaara can simply outlast the young assassin before attacking. Boruto would put up a fight, of course, but Killua would defeat him handily. Bardock is the Super Saiyan of Legend. Kcm naruto was feeling raikage's punches, those are nowhere near mountain level.

Forum Posts . Follow 32467. Boruto has many abilities, including affinities in nature release techniques as well as adeptness with shuriken and his powerful vanishing Rasengan. Also guys stop brining up Yajirobe. You can sign in to vote the answer. But Sayian Saga Goku actually is FTL and possibly even casually FTL at that point. Would Team Guy have done better against Haku and Zabuza in PT 1 of Naruto? Even SSj3 Goku had difficulty with non-linear attacks from Janemba (which were NOT FTL attacks). With the addition of his space-time ninjutsu, the former Hokage would be able to outmaneuver the young assassin to defeat him. He was easily hurting nappa, who was at the dead centre of his own attack that did this. The argument of potency doesn't work here since you can't control the AoE of such an attack, and the collateral damage caused was nowheres near moon (or planet level as Vegeta should be by now). Can two pokemon cards and a figurine of sailor moon be called a collection?

Also all goku has to do is obliterate minato since he can't regen from nothing. I said lightning. I have to disagree.

Gaara's power allows him to have an ultimate defense that cannot be penetrated.

2. When you add in his powerful nen abilities, including his ultimate Godspeed, he is incredibly powerful. Because if so, I'll kindly ask you to leave my thread with that massive fanboy overhype.

Being his apprentice, it means that it is in fact canon, and Toriyama has commented on it.

I see you're scaling from toneri's attack on naruto, but naruto was in bijuu sage mode at the point, not kcm.

She has inherited great power and developed her strength and ability to make herself a formidable ninja.

meaning in the smallest amount of time able to be concieved or not concieved if you were to say it takes him 1 sec, i could say half a second, 1/4,1/8,1/16 no matter how small a time you get you cannot get small than instant, flying thundergod, no matter how fast, aka, faster than a thrown kunai, it is not "instant" goku would win even if by a microscopic second.

The starting line is at world martial art tournaments to Kami House. Meanwhile, once a seal is placed, there is an open portal there forever. Why has the look of the Mark Trail newspaper strip suddenly changed?


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