"Commentary on John 15:15". It needs no injunction.

BibliographySchaff, Philip. It is not by mortification; it is by the power of love, and soul ripening that it is attained. 2. words lovingly pronounced, how dear! . "You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.

Let us remember that we are the slaves for whom Christ laid down His life so that we might become His friends and know the truth of the gospel of grace and do as He commanded, for in His Word and by His Spirit, He has been made know to us the hidden mysteries of God. Here I was trying to spend time with the Lord, but I wasn’t even able to patiently put up with my son’s little problem. That I have heard … - Jesus frequently represents himself as commissioned or sent by God to accomplish an important work, and as being instructed by him in regard to the nature of that work. Intimacy #1 The Vinedresser, => Continue reading: Summary of the Abiding Principles, Means of On earth, indeed, real friendship always receives; it is impossible but there must be some benefit on either side. When Christ says, “All things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you,” He can mean only all things intended for them, for in the next chapter He remarks, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot hear them now.” Their intimacy with Him was progressive. And after his resurrection he called them brethren, John 20:17. Used by Permission. Strive for the peerage, for the dignity of friends! What endless love was it, that the eternal Son of the Father should communicate to poor mortals those mysteries which He possessed through fellowship with His Father; and how urgent the obligation to requite that love with obedience! John 7:37-39 Rivers of Living Waters Bible Study Questions

And love ever finds new words and new meanings. All these may be comprehended in one word--grace; yet we may trace it still to intermediate things, themselves the fruits of this grace. 3. On the eve of His departure, Christ said to men who had been living in this lower relation, doing right things, avoiding evil things--doing this from various motives, more or less in bondage, more or less exhorted by duty: “Henceforth I call you not servants; I CALL YOU FRIENDS.

#8 Need of Love | Friendship John 15:16-17 | Summary Principles | https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/pet/john-15.html. John 15:15 What Does John 15:15 Mean? He does not feel himself to be under the law at all, and although he does more real hard work in the service of his friend than that of the slave in the employ of his master, love is his inspiration, and love is his law. I said to a young mother once, congratulating her on her newborn child. 1870.

KNOWLEDGE of every kind is excellent and useful; but that of religion far transcends all other. Other remarkable passages on God’s calling the Israelites “friends” are also cited by him in loc. I have called you friends - I have given you the name of friends. So, largely, is it in Christian life.

For look as ordinary masters in the world communicate their counsels and whole heart to their friends, especially in things which are of any concern, or may be of any advantage for them to know and understand; whereas they keep themselves at a distance from servants, and they only know so much of their minds as is by them to be done in their masters’ service: so he had not only revealed to them their duty, what was to be by them done in his service, but had been more free, giving to them to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, as he told them, Matthew 13:11; as well telling them his Father’s counsels on the behalf of them, and whatsoever he might communicate to them, as his Father’s will, what he would have them to do in obedience to his commandments. 15. It takes in His Divine nature as well. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". or for the burning of a pig sty when his dwelling house is safe? He had opened to them his mind; made known his plans; acquainted them with the design of his coming, his death, his resurrection, and ascension; and, having thus given them the clearest proof of friendship, it was proper that he should give them the name.That I have heard ... - Jesus frequently represents himself as commissioned or sent by God to accomplish an important work, and as being instructed by him in regard to the nature of that work.

I apologized to them both. They were in the condition of servants, but we of friends. The subject, the friend of the prince, repays the prince in counsel, and in sympathy, more than he receives in honour.


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