Genie frees Maggie, who in turn releases the others as they regain consciousness. He's also the founding editor at Vague Visages, and has contributed to and Fandor.

It's Ma who fueled this fire. As the story progresses, she becomes overwhelmed by these painful reminders and actively decides to pursue a more aggressive form of revenge. As a teenager, she wanted romance. In the present, Ben dates Mercedes, the "Cool Girl" who helped set up Sue Ann in high school. McKaley Miller portrays a loud-mouth student name Haley, a girl who later sends a derogatory video message about "Ma." As a veterinary technician, she protects dogs and other animals because she was treated like one in high school. Related: Ma Review: Octavia Spencer Elevates Adequate Horror Thriller. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The psychological horror film Ma examines how past trauma informs adult decisions. Hulu's Run Is the Streamer's Most-Watched Original Movie, Star Wars: Obi-Wan Waited Way Too Long to Start Training Luke, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

I’m not weak.” This climactic moment implies that the film's young teenagers are indeed complex - not just mirror images of their parents. Ben bleeds out on her bed, and Sue Ann sets up one final basement party. But when Sue Ann becomes overbearing by sending texts and video messages, her young friends reconsider the relationship, only to be lured back by lies and alcohol. The jock, Chaz, is burned with an iron. Instead, she grins from a window as the rescued teenagers try to process what just happened. On a practical level, this moment explains why Sue Ann immediately decided to investigate Andy Hawkins in Ma's opening sequence. More: McKaley Miller, Gianni Paolo, Corey Fogelmanis & Dante Brown Interview: Ma. Each character symbolizes a specific high school trope for Sue Ann. RELATED: Ma's Big Twist Should Have Been Even Bigger. In reality, however, Sue Ann is a mother, and so the daughter revelation sets up a larger story about accountability. That knocks out Ma, but also ignites a fire in the basement. She also investigates Maggie Thompson (Diana Silvers, Booksmart), a girl who she IDs as the daughter of Erica Thompson (Juliette Lewis), a former classmate who failed to prevent Sue Ann’s bullying. The conformist black teenager, Dante, receives a splash of white paint across his face, with Sue Ann noting that “there’s only room for one of us” - a meta-joke about teen movies that often feature just one clichéd black character. That's the match that lights the slow-burning powder keg. Luring Maggie back to the house, Sue Ann puts her final party into effect. By the time Maggie regains consciousness, Sue Ann has tied chains around the throats of the teens to prevent them from straying. So, Sue Ann uses a syringe to knock her out. Sue Ann was set up, and her peers laugh wildly as she exits the closet. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Octavia Spencer stars in Ma, a horror movie about a lonely woman who invites teenagers into her house to party. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. In Ma’s climax, Sue Ann is stabbed and her home is accidentally set on fire. Sue Ann then kills Ben quite gruesomely: giving him a transfer of canine blood taken from Maggie's dog, and then slitting his wrists and letting him bleed out. She's spent most of the film locked in her room upstairs.

As teenagers, Ben clearly didn’t consider Sue Ann’s feelings as a black woman trying to bond with her white peers. While the ending of the thriller Ma appears definitive, it's worth noting how many deaths are left in Sue Ann's wake. Sue Ann pursues a relationship with the students because she identifies them as the children of her childhood bullies. After they drink the punch drugged by Ma, all of the core group of teens except for Maggie passes out. In a sense, she was trying to re-live her teenage years. This causes Maggie and Haley to become even more skeptical of Sue Ann, as they feel bad for Genie and don't like that she’s being kept at home. Despite Maggie’s best effort to kill Sue Ann, the character doesn’t immediately die. She tells them that she's incredibly ill, or at least that's what her mother tells her; that's why she's been pulled from school. When he awakens, she threatens to mutilate him before deciding instead to slit his wrist. The doors to the basement are thrown open by Maggie's mother Erica and her co-worker Stu. Ma’s big twist changes the film’s power dynamics. Ma attempts to drag Genie back into the fire with her, but Maggie stabs Sue Ann and saves the girl. However, as the plot advances, and her attempts to achieve the popularity and respect that eluded her in high school become more deranged, deaths begin to pile up. The girls ultimately decide to break into Sue Ann’s house after two important events: Ma” reveals she has pancreatic cancer (a lie), and that’s why she’s been acting strange; and the students notice that “Ma” has clearly been stealing jewelry. She was humiliated, and thus made to feel like she not only wasn't good enough, but that she didn't belong. Ma's Ending Explained. In the basement, Sue Ann spikes the drinks, and the teenagers are knocked out. History repeats itself, and Sue Ann becomes a source of laughter for a new generation of students.

On a psychological level, this connects to Sue Ann’s befriending of the young teenagers. Sue Ann’s line of work is connected to past bullying. She’s also injected and knocked out. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Ma, now in theaters.. Ma positions itself early as a slow-burn thriller as it peels back the terrifying layers of the seemingly kindly Sue Ann.However, as the plot advances, and her attempts to achieve the popularity and respect that eluded her in high school become more deranged, deaths begin to pile up.

Related: Juliette Lewis & Diana Silvers Interview: Ma. One could argue that Sue Ann doesn’t initially plan to physically hurt anybody. In Sue Ann’s mind, Haley reminds her of a former bully named Mercedes (Missi Pyle), who just so happens to be dating Ben. She subsequently pulls out a gun and forces him to strip - but then smiles and keeps the party rolling. She then burns Chaz with an iron before using it to bash in Ashley's head.

In Ma, it’s the side characters who further distress Sue Ann.

Sue Ann finally gets another private moment with Ben. Directed by Tate Taylor from a script by Scotty Landes, Ma stars Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Diana Silvers, McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis, Luke Evans, Dante Brown and Allison Janney.<. In Ma, Octavia Spencer portrays Sue Ann Ellington, a veterinary technician living in Ohio. Ma’s ending raises bigger questions about race, gender, and unprocessed grief. However, it turns out that Genie can walk. When Maggie mouths off during a party and calls Sue Ann a “loser,” she’s quickly a taught an important lesson about peer pressure. In the first half, Sue Ann's actions underline her questionable decision-making, but it’s clear that she’s simply looking for connections. Sue Ann organizes a basement party, drugs the students, and tortures them. In addition, a student named Chaz (Gianni Paolo) is symbolic of the high school jock. In Ma, Sue Ann is still clearly angry about past bullying, but she also wants to belong. Ma’s final sequence shows Sue Ann walking upstairs and lying next to Ben, bringing the story full circle.

If only someone had defended Ma during her lowest moment as a teenager, perhaps the downward spiral into violence would never have begun. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Octavia Spencer stars in Ma, a horror movie about a lonely woman who invites teenagers into her house to party. Sue Ann’s villainous turn aligns with the realization that she’s being forced to conform with judgmental white people once again.


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