After that, use the calibration curve to determine the rpm needed for your purposes.

some suggestion please. The bioremediation process involving the usage of plants to degrade pollutants is, 10. ( i think i should check also the Co2, but i'm not sure it is necessary). In our cell culture lab, we want to put an exhaust system to regulate the flow of air. Most publications on expression of recombinant therapeutic proteins via mircroalgae are based on growing them in photobioreactor. Which of the following fermenters are characterized by height to diameter ratio?

Maybe a 50-liter bioreactor will fit into an autoclave such as used in many prepartion labs, but a 250-L most likely not. b) False

Free Download PDF of Bioprocess Technology important Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) with Answers as per exam pattern to help you in day to day learning.

As you know fermenters are for heterotrophic cultivation conditions. The problem with this, among other minor problems, is that I would have to ensure the sterility of the inside of the luer while it is in a freezer. b) False Try to reduce the oxygen supply.

c) Maximize kinetic energy Does any body could give me some information about design and performance of trickle bed bioreactor for stem cells culture? I generally sterilise the scaffold before seeding the cells onto it and the bioreactor design housing this scaffold is completely leak proof. Can Someone Recommend Some Articles/books about biofilm reactor and Media types? c) Packed-bed … Such a gene is called 1. oncogene 2. junk gene 3. Gently agitation and good mass transfer both cases all geometrical considerations are reported elsewere, commercially they are also available. c) Hollow fibre This set of Fermentation Technology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Bioreactors”. d) Trickle-bed How to measure the sludge yield of a small anaerobic bioreactor? b) EFB Class 2 Otherwise check out Govind Rao's work at UMBC, which has been licensed to Stedim. Can anyone recommend a good bioreactor like spinner flasks or roller bottles plus the bioreactor stirrer that runs on battery to grow cells in suspension inside incubator? Soaking in alcohol is better than nothing, but not perfect either. 52, Shilpa Nagar, Somalwada, Nagpur Maharashtra - 440015. 2007:573-608.

c) 1-10 litres A. Purification of the product. If anyone knows of any solutions, I would be very appreciative. The sequential mesophlic / thermophilic, mesophilic/ humification processes is a very important part of the comnposting / degradation process. Among others, one major operational issue with annual financial implications is the membrane biofouling. It, in turn, provides a longer residence time for the slow-growing bacteria involved in hydrocarbons biodegradation, higher reliability, shorter startup period, more resistance to shock loads and toxic substances, better control of process parameters, higher applied contaminant load, and higher biodegradation rate. | Review and cite BIOREACTOR … Evolution: The Origin and Evolution of Life, Plant Nutrition (Mineral Nutrition in Plants), Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants. Suppose, I want the flow rate of 2 L/d with a head of 10 inch, then what will be the rpm that need to be set on my pump?

The temperature of compost samples will be checked day by day thanks to a thermometer and the moisture with a igronometer. We tried to correlate the data however it is neither linear nor related at all. d) Tower bioreactor They work pretty well for low viscosity media. The phenomena to treat any polluted or contaminated medium with the alteration of environmental conditions so as to trigger microbial growth hence degrade the target pollutants is known as bioremediation. In conclusion I think you should consider the following: - Theoretical needs of the productive system. What is the minimum height/diameter ratio accepted for an EGSB reactor? We are going to use NBS EX-2000 Gas Analyzer for measuring O2/CO2 from the bioreactor exhaust, but unfortunately, we are having difficulty working with this equipment. I've also used this to monitor full scale bioremediation using soil biopiles. If you can't get one, try lowering the agitation rate of the conventional impeller.

All Rights Reserved. What is the most appropriate bioreactor model for biogas generation with mixed waste (animal waste and agricultural waste - grass)? d) Microbes A solution that seems best, yet also not ideal, would be a combination Clave/Luer connection. I'm trying to design a perfusion bioreactor that will run for a few weeks. I plan on reading some literature related to my work and perhaps find a gap for novelty in the bioreactor. Is it necessary to purifiy sodium alginate powder before fabricating a scaffold by it? Small suggestion-you pack your reactor fully with the media. What can I do to avoid contamination in my bioreactor system? In our opinion scale down is meant for the last. Then, you must do a "calibration curve" of flow v/s rpm. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 17(2), 291-293. bundle all feed, waste and gas lines with relatively loose zip ties. Your question is not very informative, but can be answered in general terms. answer choices . published in Communicating Current Research and Educational Topics and Trends in Applied Microbiology which describes the main parameters and the different techniques used to characterize an anaerobic.

Hi, out of curiosity (I'm experiencing the same problem now), how did you solve it? Batch.

Bioreactor such as spinner flasks/roller bottles along with bioreactor stirrer that runs on battery? are not appropriate for animal cells, as they can cause shear, i.e., they can tear the cells open. In general it is not possible to scale down a process if transport processes are involved.

Does anybody synthesis HTCC (N-[(2-hydroxy-3-trimethylammonium)propyl] chitosan chloride)? All these things will be inserted in the incubator at 55° C for 60 days. Think you will find a lot of informations about optimized incinerator technologies for paper industries: I need to design the pump flow rate for my bioreactor. If it has some exciting features, please take it for me. If it is "home-made", you may have left something out.

:), you may go for multiple type agitator,at bottom ANCHOR blade  ,and middle pitched blade turbine with baffles. I have the influent flow rate and head, now I need to set the RPM of the pump that will take the influent from the mixing basin to the bioreactor.

The possible reason is that in this reactor some contaminant might have been left behind (how so ever you might claim to have cleaned it before starting it).

c) Airlift bioreactor © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. b) Antibiotics b) False So far my search for information has only revealed various ratios of gases used previously, and that the rates must be varied in order to support the growths. Instead I built 15-20L composting vessels (details are in my publication list) that underwent a natural composting process in a closed system. I could get you in touch with the company who builds them. With this system you might need tubes a little longer, but everything should be clear and accessible when the shit hits the fan and you need to react. c) Al2O3 The original patent is about to expire and can be copied readily pretty soon. Existence of cellulose also can increase the methane rate but the gas mixture will have lower methane content. You can design new bioreactor for bio-synthesis of nanomaterials like the same that you are already using for biologically synthesized materials (enzymes & antibiotics). Operators don't like this because it causes other troubles. Can you give me some advice? View Answer, 7. It's our first project and we've got to design the bioreactor from zero (possibly a perfusion bioreactor). b) EFB Class 1 Which of the following bioreactor consists of a vessel replaced by a multilayered bag? View Answer, 2. Do you want to mimic the large scale physically, and making a model as preparation?

Hi, i am working on microbial fuel cell design and feasibility study for industrial application. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.


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