b. making machinery 26. For instance, the existence of a mercury to mercury bond in calomel was established in the early 1900s. Reaction between X and Y forms compound Z. X loses electron and Y gains electron. Metal which does not react with HCl is, 29. In the following sections, a few representative classes of these molecular species will be described with the exclusive underlying intention to give some flavor of their chemistry. 4. Food Unsupervised learning provides more flexibility, but is more challenging as well. a. Clusters are being prepared and studied both by physical and chemical methods. Test your skills in MCQ quiz on Metals and Non-Metals. (b), 31. (a) Roasting 2.1. Iodine Their electronic structures can be interrogated by techniques such as photoelectron spectroscopy, while infrared multiphoton dissociation spectroscopy is more probing the clusters geometry. 50. (iv) NaCl substitution with RCOCl in the presence

Which of the following non-metal is lustrous? a. d. Carbon Ans . Iron (c) CuSO4 solution and Silver metal Let consider the closo-[B12H12]2- anion. 6. Since carbon has one more electron than boron, the C-H moiety is isoelectronic with the B-H, The coordination (or, better, inclusion) of metal fragments into carboranes results in the formation of metallacarboranes. c. H2O+CO2+H2 Ans . d. Magnesium That was necessary in order to differentiate this emerging class of compounds from polynuclear complexes in which the metal centers are held together exclusively or mainly by bridging ligands. d. Expansion Metal b. Mercury Non metals used in- a. (a) He Xe, Going back to chemistry, we wish the reader could get rid, right from the beginning, of the belief that clusters and polynuclear compounds are fancy chemical oddities. Similar structures are displayed by the other closo-boranes, once the appropriate deltahedron is considered. (d) AlNaO2, 6. A non-metal which is a good conductor of electricity is ……… . c. Aluminium c. Oxygen (b) Aluminium Which of the following oxide(s) of iron would be obtained on prolonged reaction of iron with steam? (a), 44. 43.

Which metal is present in Calcium Hydroxide? a. H2SO4

21. These advances were made possible by the development of reliable structural analysis tools, such as single-crystal X-ray diffraction. (b) YZ Thus, we can expect that a closo-borane possesses 2n + 1 bonding molecular orbitals, n + 1 coming the boron deltahedron and n for the n B-H bonds (Wade’s rules). 36. Which one of the following does not react with acids? 8. Rev. The dodecahydro-closo-dodecaborate [B12H12]2- can be obtained from the reaction of NaBH4 with diborane: The [B12H12]2- ion is a regular icosahedron of atoms, each of the twenty faces being an equilateral triangle. d. Carbon dioxide d. Copper oxide (iv) High melting point Which is the odd one out? b. Ni C2B7H12 - C2B7H13 ). [13][14] With an internal diameter of 6.1 Ångstrom, it is of comparable size to fullerene and should be capable of containing small atoms in the same manner as endohedral fullerenes, and indeed exists a Sn12 cluster that contains an Ir atom: [Ir@Sn12]3−. called- c. C (d) Calcium as reducing agent, 19. 19. Ans . Countless examples of close relationships between molecules or molecular ions and condensed phases can be made.

Os 3 (CO) 12 Br 2; triangle: Rh 4 (CO) 12; tetrahedron [Os 6 (CO) 18] 2–; octahedron: Rh 6 (CO) 16; octahedron: Which of the following compounds contains a square planar metal centre? (b) Fe2O3 (d) Sodium, 3. This is The icosahedron itself involves a resonance hybrid of several canonical forms, and both 2c-2e B-B and 3c-3e B-B-B bonding are involved. Example of an amphoteric oxide is: Ans . (a) iron (III) oxide and aluminium powder

The Clear Answers and Start Over feature requires scripting to function. Refer to the below diagram. c. Metalloids

(c) 3. b. CO

24. A few examples are the following: [Fe (η5 - C2B9H11)2]2-,  [Mo(CO)3 (η5 - C2B9H11)2]2-, [{Co(C5H5)}2 (C2B6H8)], [{Co(C5H5)}2(C2B9H11)]. This part-B shall contain 40 Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) a candidate shall be required to answer any 35 questions.


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