If you did nothing else, you would enjoy your beets. This fertilizer becomes the main meal for the beets for the season. Optimizing sugar beet yield and sugar content didn’t happen by accident. per K2O per acre: 121-160 ppm: 15 lbs. Rig it to sit about a foot above the beet tops, leaving the sides open for ventilation. We can strip the entire farm and our filters in our fertilizer system stay clean. We carefully formulated, tested and studied the results of our sugarbeet fertilizer to find the best combination. Seeds should begin germinating within five to ten days depending on temperatures and variety. Harvest beet greens as soon as they are large enough to use. Beets prefer cool temperatures and should be sown about a month before the last frost date in your area. Choose the strongest, healthiest looking seedling and thin the rest. An AgroLiquid nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. This means our recommendation for nutrition may be less gallons than what you’re used to while delivering you better results. per K2O per acre : 81-120 ppm: 50 lbs. Organic mulch feeds soil microbes, keeps down weeds, holds in soil moisture, and most importantly for beets, cools the soil up to 6 degrees compared to bare soil. Excess nitrogen results in large greens but smaller root development. Potassium, which is responsible for 60 different plant enzyme systems, is vital to the formation of sucrose and fructose in sugarbeets. Beets are probably one of the most under appreciated vegetables by most gardeners. Carefully pull or dig up the roots and remove the green tops. Put what it needs, where it needs it. Beets prefer a somewhat sandy soil that has a pH in the range of 6.5 to 7.5. With good healthy soil with lots of organic material, you need little fertilizer. You start thinning when the first true leaves appear when the plants are one to two inches tall. 489 - Managing Fields In 2007 After Unharvested Beets - 10/17/2006; 427 - Variable Rate Fertilizer Impacts on Yield, Quality and Revenue Per Acre - 9/24/2002; 404 - Fertilizer Recommendations Changed For 2002 Crop In MN and ND - 8/7/2001; 385 - Phosphorus Management Strategies Help Achieve Fertility Gold Standard Performance - 8/30/2000 Simple.”. The green tops can also be used in salads and other dishes. More beets does not always equal more sugar. Approximately 6 ton/A more beets using eNhance, 1,915 more lbs of extracted sucrose per acre using our sugar beet fertilizer. When the plants are about 4 inches tall thin all plants to two inches apart. In gardener’s parlance that means they really do need to have some fertilizer during the season to grow properly. If you are interested in how to grow beets in your vegetable garden here’s a simple guide to get you started on the right path. A broader range of micronutrients and more available macronutrients makes plants more resilient against drought, disease, and stress. Even watering will promote uniform growth of the root, and providing a mulch around plants helps to keep soils cool, which beets prefer. When we formulated our sugarbeet fertilizer, we focused on increasing yield and quality while boosting ROI. Here is a trick to extend the season for growing beets. Some very popular varieties of beets grown in home vegetable gardens are Bull’s Blood, Chioggia, and Detroit Dark Red. Take advantage of our free consulting today. Once the beets are growing, they need about the same amount of water as most other vegetables in the garden. You can keep it moist with a sprinkle for the watering can every few days. Leaf miners, aphids, and flea beetles can do damage to the beet leaves. With lousy soil you will need to fertilize more often to compensate for that dead soil. We put our 35 years of crop nutrient science experience to work when we developed our sugar beet fertilizer. Keep the seeds well watered and add a thin layer of straw over top to help preserve soil moisture. For more information see Fertilizing the Vegetable Garden. We have found that a pair of fingernail scissors or other small scissors reduces this problem, especially for that first thinning.


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