I am dying to go back and ride the Kong ride and the Hulk, both were under construction when we visited. https://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/our-version-of-harry-potters-pumpkin-juice Updated April 1, 2019. Like what’s the measurement of Pumpkin then? Thanks for the suggestions!

Take a picture of yourself making or enjoying one of our recipes with someone you love. I love it cold over ice, but it’s delicious heated up and served in a cozy mug. .

Apple Cider – Apple cider provides this juice a sweet crisp taste that is perfect for the fall season and it also complements the pumpkin well. The parks were getting all set up for Halloween and had fun decorations- we missed it by a day but everyone was so excited about Halloween Horror Nights. I’m 89 years old and just started watching happy potter film. Now researchers have found a host of compounds in the pumpkin that actually heal! We can’t wait to see what you’re cooking and share it on our website! Our version of Harry Potter's Pumpkin Juice is the perfect drink for fall.

Hope you enjoy! Your email address will not be published. This recipe can be easily doubled, tripled or even halved. Your ingredients list calls for 115 ounces of the pumpkin…. This gives the juice a smooth consistency which makes this even more yum! Pumpkin Pie Spice – Pumpkin Pie spice adds that a slight hint of spice, which makes it tastes just like pumpkin pie. But for now I can drink my yummy pumpkin juice at home! . But if you are looking for a warm beverage, you can have it hot in a cup for your cold winter nights too.

pumpkin puree, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 tsp. Does it taste the same the next day? I'm Neha, Blogger & recipe expert behind WhiskAffair. Somehow along the way the brown sugar must have gotten removed from the recipe! Our most popular "copycat" recipes to try at home. I like to serve this juice cold, therefore after cooking it to perfection, I chill it for a few hours before serving. Pear Nectar – Pear nectar provides a nice flavor and sweetness to the juice. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 20-30 minutes. The Hogwarts Express did you mean 15 (as cans typically come in) or actually 115 ounces? Check out all that sushi! For the pumpkin purée, is it 115 oz by weight or by volume? sounds realy good, but in the original pumpkin-juice at the Whizzarding World is also apricot juice. Had no idea about the apricot juice.. totally can see that being a part of it! Pumpkin (and the apples) provide some natural sweetness to make this juice recipe one of the most delicious you’ll ever taste! Oh, and I will definitely be making this drink, it sounds awesome!

Definitely a great summertime drink when it is freakishly hot outside! I tried it that way and it tasted allmost perfect.:-). This juice is cooked unlike other juice recipes, where pumpkin puree is mixed with apple cider, pumpkin pie spice, and a few more ingredients.

Does it have to be the apple juice?

If not brown sugar, you can add white sugar too. I have mentioned below how to make it at home. But most importantly, this pumpkin juice recipe is scary delicious! Simmer the heat to low and cook for 10-15 minutes. US Department of Agriculture. This one tastes just like the juice they serve in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Looking for more refreshing Juice recipes, then do give this a try – Pineapple Juice, and Watermelon Juice. Pumpkin is actually a berry! Such a fun place to eat and the food was tremendous! Oh, I just noticed that! It’s pretty popular so be sure to call in ahead. Pumpkin Puree – This is the star ingredient of this juice. Or do you ad with the apple juice and how much? Do you use apricot instead of apple. These are also great to serve for Themed Parties, Birthdays, Halloween parties, and even Thanksgiving dinner.

It was so much fun, I wish I could go back and do the whole day over again. You can also use apricot or peach nectar instead of pear nectar. I’m a huge fan of the books- you could find me at the midnight releases when a new book came out and then you wouldn’t see me again for a few days until I finished reading it. Is that vanilla extract?

If you are using 8 ounce cups to serve, I would plan on 18 servings. Even your kids will love it!

Last but definitely not least, here is our yummy cool refreshing pumpkin juice recipe. Serve this drink chilled or warm. pumpkin pie extract, and 1/4 tsp. You can find the Cowfish right along the City Walk in front of Universal Studios. Updated Oct 05, 2020 38 Comments Drinks & Smoothies, Fall Favorites, Gluten Free, Halloween, Harry Potter Recipes, Kid Friendly, Pumpkin. not trying to be a smarty, I was just confused so I looked it up.

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It is about 1 & 3/4 cup of pumpkin puree. Tangy Kumquat Juice & Smoothie With No Added Sweeteners! Pumpkin Juice is a copycat Non Alcoholic punch from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. If I were you, I would do 4-5oz of pumpkin. Hope this helps! Okay all! I’ve used a couple of Tbsp. It has a smooth pumpkin flavor with a little bit of spice and is super tasty! Thanks, WYou can make it in advance and it will still taste fine the next day Hope this helps. You can spike it with any alcohol of your choice to make an adult version. In a saucepan, measure out 1 1/4 cups of pumpkin juice and combine with apple juice, apricot nectar, vanilla essence, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice and sugar. I feel a Harry Potter marathon coming on.. haha. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the recipe. They’re low in calories with no saturated fats or cholesterol. The fiber in pumpkin helps create a sense of fullness which aids in weight loss efforts.

Most cans of pumpkin puree you buy at the store are 15 oz, which is to say the can weighs 15 oz. Christmas Salad with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing, Lasagna Soup (with European canned tomatoes). Pumpkins are not just delightfully scary Halloween decorations!

And don’t forget to check out our recipe for Harry Potter Butterbeer too! Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes until pumpkin juice thickens. Make Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Pumpkin Puree from scratch using my easy recipes. free email seriesOur most popular "copycat" recipes for you to try at home.

Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. I just fixed it to include the brown sugar. That night we had the most delicious dinner at The Cowfish. So if you have ever tasted it or want to know how this popular juice tastes, make it at home using my copycat recipe. We had such a fun day at Universal Studios. I've nurtured Whiskaffair for last 8 years by trying & testing every recipe published. Combine all the ingredients in a pan except vanilla and heat on medium heat until the juice just starts to boil.

Thanks for the tip!

Oops! I LOVE to see your creations so snap a photo and mention. Thanks so much .

If anyone is interested, here are the proportions I used: 2 cups apple cider, 2 oz. You guys can add more packets of apple cider or more sugar cubes for even more flavor but I love his and I can’t wait to make it for my next party! This would be so fun to serve at fall and Halloween parties, and would be a delightful addition to your Thanksgiving spread as well!great to go with your Thanksgiving dinner as well. I have never seen apple cider sold by the liter, at least not in my area, so for anyone else who might be wondering, 4 liters is a gallon. My favorite appetizer was the truffle fries but my husband loved the blackened tuna nachos. hello internet pals and gals, Everything else is the same! .

You can use apricot or peach nectar in place of pear nectar. Two in particular, trigonelline and nicotinic acid, improve insulin and glucose levels in diabetics. When I made the video, I must have left it out. I hope this helps! In the recipie for the pumpkin juice? New England settlers long ago fermented pumpkin to make ale.


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