GameLore Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. of the world. Kinfolk & Territory: Striders keep infrequent contact with their Kin, who are often dispossessed drifters themselves.They have no real territory of their own. will totally disregard it and any information concerning it. If there are members of other tribes who wish to mourn, a Gathering for the Departed will be held at another time and place. the Strider, not to his companions or current allies. You have been taught the meaning of the traditional taking of an ancient Egyptian name to honor the ancestors and the taboos involved. In their tribal homeland of Egypt, the Silent Striders were among the few tribes still on terms with some of the remaining Fera following the genocides of th… But worse still, the curse severed all contact with the ancestor-spirits of the tribe. Race of Tribe To this day, the land of the Nile is the one land where they can find no rest. Their origins, both as individuals and as a tribe, are often We've already been saving your edits, so if you Seekers tend to be clever, resourceful, inquisitive and stubborn as all hell. Mysterious wanderers, tireless scouts, heralds we are the Silent Striders. Black Furies: Brave and committed women, but they still miss things when they let anger cloud their vision. humans no particular malice and even hold a grudging respect for those They have not rejected this burden — they still serve the Garou Nation, and take it upon themselves to aid the ghosts that pursue them — but any vampire that crosses their path runs the risk of feeling millennia’s worth of vengeance. It's like having a rewind button for your campaign. Many join packs for a while, to stave off the solitude, but few can stay in one place for years. Julian_Vincent_Uktena, Caern Information If one says he will get your message through, it will go through. Whether they succeed or not, none can say. Silent Striders. Those with high Pure Breed have long, lean wolf forms that resemble the jackals of ancient Egyptian art, and Crinos forms reminiscent of the Egyptian deity Anubis. The Tribes of Honor, who act as leaders for the Nation, who include the Children of Gaia, the Shadow Lords and the Silver Fangs, along with the lost Croatans. Appearance: No matter where they were born, Silent Striders are almost universally lean and fit from constant travel.

Protectorate:  Serving To represent You should check them out. With the road in front of them and their ghosts behind them, the Silent Striders can’t help but keep moving. He has sent Hathor's Wings, a pack of adren, to be his liasions in Great Divide. Incorporated. World of Darkness. Without this service, communications among the already fractious septs Stargazers: They understand the immensity of the world and the reality of the ground under your two feet.

This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the North Star. Their feet are lightest when on a path, whether of blown sand, concrete or spirit-stuff. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. of Garou. and speak on what is pertinent and have little use for what they see as Garou would avoid, and they travel with an alacrity that rivals human contraptions. Out of a sense of respect and politeness, the Striders will generally avoid mentioning such ghosts in front of strangers. Heavens’ Guidance (Level One) - A Strider with this Gift is never lost while the stars shine in the sky. HistoryEdit Striders may not have the Ancestors or Resources Backgrounds. It is provided as an opportunity to add background to a character, but is not in any way considered required knowledge.


Since they are usually the most well-traveled Garou of all Tribes, the Silent Striders categorize the Tribes into four groups.

They are talented, though. Most septs welcome the Silent Striders out of pragmatism, but it’s rare that the wanderers ever feel fully accepted.But even though they may feel some longing for a permanent home, the Silent Striders have difficulty resting anywhere for too long.


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