Don't lift _./it,them/it Change the underlined nouns into pronouns. When the players won we cheered for _./it,them/them

The children crossed the street after _ looked both ways./they,them/they 3 0 obj

b. The car moved so slowly that the bikes passed _./it,them/it

�}e�L�#�-���%�&lf>HƱPx�hGg�����3X�}nm:�JfjP�,l2���h1[,�]1F�S�h��5G����Xك#0cE�5�m��s�I���@��֎�IlWs4�d���Np@-� ����/���6o��%��&*������9U� Free pronoun worksheets.

Rex goes to my school and _ walk there together./I,we/we Save Time. Mary danced well and the judge gave _ a prize./she,her/her

Today is Ty's birthday. d. Rolls happily in the grass. endobj The woman painted _ toenails./her,their/her

&7�M�(f�~镎���pv�t*�[b��\8�V r�N�XI�����#0a�F�W�C_V&����S:�-�b8�ś�� Students will be asked to read through the given sentences and circle each sentence number that has a pronoun used as an adjective. Have a great weekend filled with much love!

Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Pronoun Case And Answer Key. Grammar • Grade 4 • Unit 1 • Week 1 5 Grammar: Sentences A. Circle the letter of the group of words that is a complete sentence. The players were ready after _ warmed up./he,they/they The dogs wagged _ tails./its,their/their 2. Here, you’ll find a printable worksheet on pronouns as adjectives. Please help _ find it./me,my/me Emily brought a book with _ to read./her,she/her c. The ripe and delicious apple! Circle the relative pronoun that introduces the clause. When the players ran out onto the field, we clapped for _./him,them/them For Grade 3 and higher. endobj Quickly access your most used files AND your custom generated worksheets! Decide whether you should use the word I or me in each statement. Add an indefinite pronoun to complete each sentence. Written by a writing teacher for writing teachers.

I have two computers. Write the correct pronoun form on the line to complete the sentence.

Meet Lily.

Finally, they explain why a pronoun is incorrect in a given sentence.

���b��ť)g��V�fP�\9�)@�+:S�Pk)l?��B��z�1�p vS�5\�x��K���5��\�.�R� P��Dv"�WlP�\ Circle the relative pronoun in each sentence. d. My friend can swim. Add an interrogative pronoun to complete each question sentence. We can't find _./her,us/her

ID: 1382631 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: Grade 8 Age: 14-14 Main content: Grammar Other contents: Add to my workbooks (0) Download file pdf Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Worksheets > Grammar > Grammar by topic > Pronouns. The test is themed around a magical fairyland so that students will find it more engaging. Circle the pronoun. The dog wagged _ tail./its,their/its This worksheet has 4 tasks. Reflexive Pronoun Car Game, Pronoun Agreement Task Cards �k�m�z(zr����撿�y��P��-���"���%ہ��{1��-�&px�3]?�i~����C��څ� &�d"�.��,z��< '�QHC����|� .�=D�Wyh ���#J ]�����nv�:d��=�|�%����!t1�ͽ��d�����,���CxE��G!d�T)M#ߓ��sx-�@��șˮ�l��Ч�9���Ȯ2��ƨ#����3��n D##�G�EN����i�V���f�6>7B]Zq�J��N+iͥ͢yn�|iͯݢvn����]��������#0=*��.����-�7t\Z�xY���ֵ]�X�+m�Z�.

Get all the Answers and Tips, 208 Pages -- $7.00. Part 1:  Rewrite each sentence.

No prep, ready to print, English grammar worksheets with answer keys to practice pronoun use (L.3.1.F). %PDF-1.4

Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans. Only one letter arrived in the mail and _ was a bill./it,they/it Pronoun Agreement Motorcycle Race Worksheets

This worksheet has 4 tasks. Draw a line back to the subject it is reflecting. Ella loves to sing and _ has a nice voice./her,she/she Part 2:  Circle the pronoun in each sentence.

The boys are ANSWER KEY Pronouns Circle the pronouns in the sentences below. Where are the books? My brothers wear goggles to protect _ eyes./his,their/their Logged in members can use the Super Teacher Worksheets filing cabinet to save their favorite worksheets. © 2008–2018 | | All Rights Reserved. 2 0 obj

Kim has two cats and loves _ very much./her,them/them

b. +��G�#[����Vא�of��kB�CH �������R����ۏa�ոnbJ|�� <> Pronoun Car Rally The boys love to swim and _ are always at the pool./them,they/they Underline the relative clause in each sentence.

Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Pronoun Case And Answer Key. Holding the tray, Taj said, "I hope I don't drop _!”/it,them/it Save Time. Quality ESL grammar worksheets, quizzes and games - from A to Z - for teachers & learners INDEFINITE PRONOUNS.

Use our pronoun worksheets to teach your students or children about how to properly use and identify an pronoun.

The girls are playing in the garden. Using Pronouns Correctly ***** Editable***** B/W Copy ***** Answer Key. ©Courseware Solutions 34 Weeks of Grammar Sheets with Answer Keys The weekly sheets can be used as an assessment, review, or guided practices. We can't find _./it,them/them

1 0 obj

�/��! 7.

Then they circle pronouns in the sentences.

Jason is absent from school. Use a reflexive pronoun from the word box to complete each sentence.

This is a fun match game on pronoun – antecedent agreement!


Please wish _ Happy Birthday./him,them/him Two letters came in the mail and _ were bills./it,they/they She went to the store with Angela. Agreement of Pronoun with Antecedent, Answer Key and Teaching Tips 1 Copyright © 2011, Idea for 5th – 7th grade, but can be used where appropriate. 2. a.

A detailed explanation is given with 4 different tasks. That box is heavy. Pronouns are words that can substitute for nouns in a sentence. Maybe _ is sick./it,she/she Circle the demonstrative pronoun in each sentence. The boxes are heavy. Careful drivers always check _ mirrors./his,their/their Eva is in a hurry. Holding ten plates, Taj said, "I hope I don't drop _!”/it,them/them Paula likes to swim, so _ joined the swim team./she,her/she For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. You must do _ homework!/your,yours/your Some of the worksheets for this concept are Pronouns, 7th grade grammar workbook answer key, 7th grade grammar workbook answer key, Pronoun antecedent agreement work with answers, Pronouns, Pronouns review, Grade 7 writing and language, Subject verb agreement.

The boy always listens to _ mother./her,his/his 'A��u-bp��|�K�I�Pgc����b�3��c�� ω)X,�@y5r���Yn�N��ິ�M�Ɍ�}2]��3�"HJ�R�N�&(�����y�ʤ"z��i��e. _ is 12 years old./She,Her/She

A pronoun, such as he, she or it, enriches the reading and writing experience by eliminating redundancy. Pronoun Agreement Car Rally Worksheets 6. Circle the reflexive pronoun in each sentence. This is the answer key for a test that has 30 multiple-choice questions in which students must identify the case or person of a pronoun in each sentence. Our fi rst trip to the beach. 4 0 obj

endobj 1. a. Once you find your worksheet, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. Reflexive Pronouns, Pronoun GAMES for Fun Practice:

m�7��مS~P���� ����j�]�������VϹ!���9h.��3*ڜ7��������ydJ�V� �������y�Q�W$�����jZ�\�9wF8�ˢn��f��f3ܱ�܀njX0ã�Ǜj���'r��|@����I~�@�O���!޾��`hZ��z���[w�P�>=zDI��1sV-�s����L�M�p�78�;� bl�+��;G�a�w��T��q�� �Q��^��~�?�-. Circle only the subject pronouns.

These grammar sheets are aligned to 4th grade Common Core, but could be used in 3rd and 5th grade as well. Next, they write a sentence with two pronouns. Meet my cousin, Jim. _ are both laptops./It,They/They

Pronouns are words that replace nouns in a sentence. To see these pronoun worksheets individually or to download the pronoun worksheets PDF, click on the individual pronoun worksheets title. (���NF%�y�ü9!��yz���¸w���`��#l�K�m��ߟ��O,��"�0����?ط�#�X�;E�#Z����Ԩi�$�F&|�PH�b�٣��ݳx�{��=�{ K3r2�5,�1����#������$k �j`�:��L��i�d��� Q�U�7CQa� IS��4�d�Ҳ�4��ʘ j>`�[�&�3�� Maybe _ is sick./he,his/he We can't find _./it,them/it Now it is _./my,mine/mine,, Pronoun Agreement Motorcycle Race Worksheets, Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Worksheets & Task Cards for 3rd & 4th Grades. Choose the appropriate pronouns from the Word Bank to fill in the blanks. Some of the worksheets displayed are Pronoun case, Pronouns subjectiveobjective, Some of the following sentences contain a problem with, Pronouns, Pronoun usage work, Name pronoun case, Pronoun and antecedent agreement, Whowhom answer keyteaching tips. <> Knows the answer.

Identify the correct pronoun to agree with the antecedent in the sentence.

First, students define the word pronoun. Get all the Answers and Tips, 208 Pages -- $7.00.

Circle only the object pronouns. Our pronoun worksheets can be used in the classroom or at home.

Answers 1. A woman crossed the street after _ looked both ways./she,he/she This Weekly Grammar Worksheet Worksheet is suitable for 2nd - 3rd Grade.

Don't lift _./it,them/them Please help _ get ready./her,it/her


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